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After a long career in the stone industry, John Justice, Jr. started Southern Aggregates in Staley, North Carolina in 1984.  The company aimed to supply high-quality quartz, marble, and granite chips in a variety of colors and sizes to various companies and industries.  John Justice, III was asked to join the company soon after and brought many positive enhancements throughout the years.  By building upon the framework his father had implemented, John Justice, III took the company to new heights.  He modernized the equipment and added various services and products offered to customers.

In 2019, John Justice, IV transitioned to President, solidifying Southern Aggregates as a successful 3rd generation company.  With strong core values and a family-focused foundation, our future is paved with the steady growth and diversification from the past.

For 40 years, we have sought excellence through the quality of our products and our customer service.  We are looking forward to 40 more!

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